We are members in good standing with the Golden Retriever Club of America, The Macon Kennel Club, Sandlapper Golden Retriever Club and The Atlanta Golden Retriever Club.  We hope you enjoy our website and meeting each one of our beautiful Goldens.  

We also wish to share with you that we often rescue and act as a “foster home” to rescues.  We believe If you don’t rescue, then don’t breed. So on occasion we will have rescue dog's / puppies that are looking for homes as well.

Our family is 100% committed to the puppies we take into our program for training.  We all play an important part in the finished product.  Mary Ann is the head planner- and the general hands on person. She does most of the training, and is with the puppies most of the time. Tommy is in charge of maintenance and a male presence for the little ones to grow accustomed to.