INT CH Goldruls Thank God Ima Country Girl at Double R CD RA CD CCA

Pedigree link 


Denver is one of the smartest Golden Retrievers I have ever worked with.  She is that great combination of a pleaser who has a wonderful drive to work, and she is happiest when she is showing off her skills in the field and in the obedience ring. She is correct in conformation, and will be spending her late spring in competition earning her AKC Championship- look for her with David Harper.

She is a Hudson X Paisley daughter- check out the pedigree link above to see what is behind her- in short, gorgeous looks and incredible smarts to make for a well-rounded dog. Daddy Hudson is a Grand Champion with his Versatility Certificate, and Mama Paisley will be earning hers soon. 

Denver earned her RN at 6 months and 3 days old, with placements all three consecutive days. She then went on to earn her RA in three consecutive days at 14 months, with placements each day, two firsts and a second. She was High-Scoring Golden in Trial the day that honor was recognized. She has been invited to the inaugural AKC Rally Obedience National Competition, which celebrates top dogs in the US in companion events. 

Denver is a fast learner! She is such a joy to own and train, it is a thing of beauty to see her water entry, to watch her return with her bird, and to see her mind work over lessons of the past in an effort to apply what she already knows to the lesson of the day. She is truly a pleasure to partner with, and I expect this next year to hold her AKC Championship, her GRCA Working Certificate, and her Junior Hunter. Watch this girl go!